Spring Maintenance

As spring approaches you can take a few key steps to ensure your home serves you well through the coming months. Please take time to check these items in and around your home and attend to any that need maintenance.

□  Clean and test smoke alarms.
□  Test and reset ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) breakers.
□  Change or clean the furnace filter monthly.
□  Operate the air-conditioning system; if service is needed it is more conveniently arranged before the busiest part of the season arrives.
□  Adjust registers and confirm that registers and cold-air returns are clear of furniture or draperies.
□  Make certain the air-conditioner compressor is level and clear of debris.
□  Turn the humidifier water supply off.
□  Pour water down any unused drains. As drain water evaporates, sewer odors can seep into the house.
□  Drain sediment from the bottom of the water heater per manufacturer’s instructions.
□  Inspect grout around tile (floor or wall) and touch up.
□  Wash windows and screens, clean weep holes, and lubricate tracks.
□  Check caulking, inside and out, and touch up.
□  Check garage overhead door, tighten bolts as needed, and lubricate springs with motor oil. Have other repairs done by professionals.
□  Start and adjust sprinkler system. Test exterior faucets for broken pipes.
□  Clean gutters and confirm that downspouts or splash blocks drain away from the house.
□  Look for settling of backfill soils and fill in where needed.
□  Check exterior paint and stain surfaces (especially stained doors) and refinish as needed.
□  Check for insects and consider hiring a professional to fumigate your house
□  Plan your first barbecue.