Change Garage Door Code

Follow these steps to change the code on your garage door keypad when moving into your new home.

1) Enter current code (ask supervisor) then press the program button on the keypad. The LED light blinks 1 time per second.

2) Enter your new number (we recommend a 4 digit code) and press the program button on the keypad again. The LED light will blink twice and then go out.

3) Push the learn button on the operator (garage door lifter). It is located in the back, usually on the right side and might be behind a light cover (Phantom model).

4) Go back to the keypad and enter your new code, then push the up/down button slowly 3 times. If someone is watching the LED light, it will go from blinking, to solid, and then go out. You must complete this step within approximately 60 seconds after pressing the learn button on the operator.

Any further questions or problems can be directed to Dan at Overhead Door. He can be reached on his cell phone at 794-8374.

Thank you!
Zach Evans Construction